This website has been created in order to make available some of the basic concepts regarding this
thing that we call gravity. Specifically, its purpose is to clarify when forces are present and when
they are not present - as they relate to gravity. Examples in this website will tend to use people as
the "objects" because people are such good detectors of external forces.

Gravity and its effects are everywhere. It is possible to shield yourself from a hard-driving rain, light
from the Sun, a nuclear blast, or even unsolicited phone calls from some sociopathic telemarketer,
but you cannot shield yourself from the effects of gravity.

While I'm not a physicist (I'm an electrical engineer), these basic concepts are easily understood by
anyone. I have been fortunate in obtaining the help of two physicists that teach these modern views
of gravity, have got some good responses from posts made on a wonderful relativity physics forum,
and have read several books on the subject (the simple parts, that is). The math involved is
extremely complicated and the people
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that are fluent in it deserve a lot of respect. I am not fluent in
the related math, yet, but the concepts can be understood without the use of higher-level

There are very few people on this planet (percentage-wise) that are familiar with even the basic
concepts of gravity as they are now known (since the early 1900's, that is). Hopefully, this website
can increase the percentages.

In 1916, Albert Einstein published his paper entitled "The Foundation on the General Theory of
Relativity". The concepts and equations that Einstein presents in this paper are very different from
those proposed by Sir Isaac Newton in the late 1600's, and Einstein's notions of the universe
solved a lot of mysteries that had been previously unexplained and they made some very bold
predictions that have proven to be accurate.

It should be noted that although Einstein gets most of the credit for the theories of Relativity, he had
lots of help and he acknowledges those who have helped in the development of these theories and
their mathematics.

The audience for this website is intended to be everyone. Minimal (if any) math will be used. The
concepts are what are important and not the mathematics.

My email address is in the contact section of this website.

Bob Walance

Welcome to Gravity For The Masses